BugFest. Identity for festival


The exhibit is a collection of exterminated insects of an impressive variety, making it one of the most unusual and exciting exhibitions you will ever see.The scale of destructive activities carried out by humans against insects is revealed before the visitor’s eyes, which is reflected in the design. I use stencil illustrations of insects whose silhouette is combined with a human shoe to depict an "insect being crushed by a man".

The colors were also chosen to be close to natural colors and echo the habitats of most insects.The goal of Bugfest is to create a strong emotional impact that will encourage visitors to think about the importance of insect conservation and our responsibility for the environment.This exhibition sparks dialogue and expands consciousness, promoting awareness and understanding of the contributions insects make to our planet.

The “Bugfest” exhibition is unique and unforgettable, caring participation in which allows everyone to look at our world from a different angle and be inspired by concern for nature and sustainable development.The typography in the project has a two-way alignment and is placed on both edges or in the center. It also has 3 or 2 sizes depending on the desired reading of the information. The logo, too, is always placed at the top or bottom of the work area.All materials are recycled and environmentally friendly.The materials used in the project: 4thperspectivemockup, Freepic, mockup.maison, Greenwich from Mint Type Studio.

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